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IT Training

Internet Computer Training

In the last 10 years, millions of people have taken advantage of training using the Internet. In the past you needed to go to a training center, a local college, or purchase expensive books to get the training you need for your career, your education, or just for your personal knowledge. Internet computer training has expanded the accessibility of this training along with reducing the costs.

Taking a course at a training center can run you upwards of $2000 for a week long training, not to mention the possible travel costs to get to the training center. Taking a course at your local community college might only run you a couple hundred dollars, but this training might not happen in the time period that you need. Books quickly become outdated and usually end up gathering dust on your bookshelf.

Online Computer Training

Computer Training Courses and Online Computer Training in comparison usually runs under $100 and many times can be found for free. Many of the pay sites will offer a demo of their services which is a great way to find out if the training is for you before paying money. Also, Internet computer training usually is updated when new versions of software come out and at a faster pace then other training offerings.

What We Do

We know that your time is precious and that you don't always have hours to sit in front of your computer taking a training course. We provide trainings via email for you to read and learn at your convenience. The best part of this is that the trainings are free. We will send out a new training in the topic of your choosing every week. You can then save this, print it out, or delete it all at your convenience. And you can't beat the price, FREE!!!!! All we ask is that you help by supporting our sponsors. This helps us keep this site free and providing new trainings to you. So feel free to click on any of our available trainings below to get started.