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Welcome to Lesson 1 of the Intermediate Microsoft Excel Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover formatting. I hope you enjoy the lesson.


Step 1: Format Cells

Click on the Format Menu option and then Cells

Step 2: Number Tab

The number tab gives you options on how to format the data in the field. The different categories give you different options for formatting. Number allows you to specify decimal places, thousand separator, and negative numbers. Currency gives you an option for a currency symbol. Date gives you different formats for formatting a date string. Take a look at the different categories and become familiar with the different options available.

Step 3: Alignment Tab

The alignment tab gives you various options for text alignment. From here you can change the horizontal and vertical alignments, such as center, top, middle, left, right, etc… You can also change the orientation of the text to rotate the text in various directions.

Step 4: Font Tab

The font tab gives you options to change the font used, change the font style, the font size and different effects. Here is where you can make your font bold, italic, or a superscript. The preview screen gives you a preview of how your text will look after the changes.

Step 5: Column and Row Formatting

From the Column and Row formatting menu option you can select to autofit the selected text. This adjusts the size of your rows and columns to fix the largest item contained in either that row or column. You can also choose to hide or show selected columns.