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Welcome to Lesson 1 of the Advanced Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover the Journal. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Using the Journal

Step 1: About the Journal

The journal automatically records actions that you choose relating to the contacts that you choose and places the actions in a timeline view.

Step 2: Automatically record Items

On the Tools menu click options and then click Journal Options. In the automatically record these items box, select the check boxes for the items you want automatically recorded in the Journal. In the For These Contacts box, select the check boxes for the contacts that you want the items automatically recorded for.

Step 3:Manually record items

On the File menu, point to New, and then click Journal Entry. In the subject box type a description. In the Entry Type box, click the type of journal entry you are recording. Select any other options you want.

Step 4: View Journal Entries for a Contact

Open the contact you want to view Journal entries for. Click the activities tab. In the Show box, click Journal.

Step 5: Viewing your Journal

On the left hand side of your Outlook window click on the small file folder at the bottom of the screen. In your folder list click on Journal. This will bring up your journal and any items that have been recorded.