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Welcome to Lesson 2 of the Advanced Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover using search folders. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Using Search Folders

Step 1: New Search Folder

Select File, New, and then Search Folder. This brings up the New Search Folder screen.

Step 2: Select Search Folder

Select a search folder type that you want to use. You can select search folders that have been customized for reading mail, mail from certain people, organizing your mail, or creating a custom search. Depending on which item you select you will get different options to customize your search folder at the bottom of the dialog box. Here you can select the size of the mail, who the mail is from, etc… For now select “Create a custom Search Folder”

Step 3:Specifying Criteria

After selecting create a custom search folder select the Choose… button. This will bring up the Custom Search Folder dialog. From here select a name for your search folder. Then click on Criteria…

Step 4: Specifying Criteria Part 2

After clicking on Criteria you are brought to the Search Folder Criteria dialog box. This is similar to the Advanced Find dialog. From here you can select the criteria that you want to search for. Go ahead an enter in some search criteria and then say ok to the next two dialog boxes.

Step 5: Viewing Your Search Folder

After you say ok to the Select Search Folder dialog you are taken to your search folder. Your search folders will be under the parent folder “Search Folders”. From here you will see any messages that fit the criteria that you specified. You can also drag your search folder to your favorite folders window to give you quick access to your search.