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Welcome to Lesson 6 of the Advanced Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Backing up Email. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Backing Up E-mail

Step 1: Import Export

On the File menu select Import and Export.

Step 2: Export to file

Click on export to a file and then click on Next.

Step 3: Create a File

In the “Create a file of type” dialog select Personal Folder File (.pst)

Step 4: Select Folder

Select that folder that you want to back up. If there are subfolder that you want to backup within that folder select the “Include Subfolders” check box.

Step 5: Select Location

Select a location and a file name to use to back up your file. If the file already exists you can select to replace duplicates, allow duplicate to be created, or not export duplicates.

Step 6: Finished
When you are ready to back up your e-mail click on Finish.