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Welcome to Lesson 1 of the Basic Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover setting up a new account. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Setting up an E-mail Account

Step 1: E-mail Accounts

Select Tools and then Email Accounts from the menu bar.

Step 2: Add new e-mail Account

Select add a new e-mail account form the E-mail Accounts screen. Then push the next button.

Step 3: Server Type

Select your server type. If you are at work and you have a Microsoft Exchange Server select the first option for Microsoft Exchange Server. You will need to contact your Network Administrator for more information to setup your account. For home users you will most likely use the POP3 option to setup your e-mail with your internet provider. If you are using Hotmail you will want to select the HTTP option. You can find out more on how to setup Outlook to use a Hotmail account at: For the purpose of this tutorial select POP3 and then click next.

Step 4: Internet Email Settings

Enter in your name and e-mail address. For incoming mail server and outgoing mail server, you will need this information from your Internet provider. If you do not have this information you will need to contact them. For your logon information you will need to enter in the username and password provided to you by your Internet provider. When you are done you can click on Test Account Settings. If everything says passed then you are ready to continue. Click Next and you are done setting up your e-mail account.