IT Training

Welcome to Lesson 4 of the Basic Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Composing and Sending E-mail. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Composing and Sending E-mail

Step 1: New E-mail
Click on File on the menubar, then click new and then mail message.

Step 2: Fill In Fields

Fill in the “to” field with the e-mail address that you want to send to. If you have this person in your address book, you can click where it says “To” and that will bring you to your address book to select the recipient from. If you want a carbon copy sent to someone you can put their address in the “CC” field. If there is a subject you can put it in the subject field. In the main portion of the Message dialog box you type in the body of your message.

Step 3: Attachments

If you have an attachment to send you can insert it now. Click on Insert and then File. This brings up the Insert File dialog box. From here you can select a file that you want to attach to the e-mail. Be aware that many e-mail accounts can not receive files over a certain size. Many times this is limited to < 10 MB, but you will need to find this out from your e-mail provider and your recipients provider.

Step 4: Send

When you are done click send. This will then send the e-mail to all recipients and save it in your sent mail folder.