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Welcome to Lesson 5 of the Basic Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Receiving and Replying to E-mail. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Receive and Reply to E-mail

Step 1: Open E-mail
To open an E-mail that you have received you can double-click on the mail message in your inbox. This opens the e-mail to a new window.

Step 2: Reply

To reply to just this user click on the Reply button. You can then type in your response. The message that you are replying to will be quoted in your message.

Step 3: Reply to All

Replying to all will send your response to everyone who received the previous message. Be careful of using this feature and make sure to check that the recipients are truly the people that you want to receive your reply. Many people have mistakenly sent personal messages to entire companies by using the reply to all feature.

Step 4: Forward

Forwarding a message will send the message in its entirety to the users that you specify. A forwarded message will also forward any attachments that were used in the original e-mail.