IT Training

Welcome to Lesson 2 of the Intermediate Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Locating Contacts. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Locating Contacts

Step 1: Using tabs

On the right hand side there are tabs for the letters of the alphabet. Clicking on any of these tabs will take you to the names starting with that letter.

Step 2: Find

Click on Tools, then Find, then Find again. This will bring up a search bar above your contacts. In here you can enter in any part of the name and then click Find Now. This will find any contacts containing that search term anywhere in the contact page.

Step 3: Advanced Find

Click on Tools, then Find, then Advanced find. This will bring up the Advanced Find dialog.

Step 4: Advanced Find Part 2

In the Search For words(s) box enter in any words that you want to search for. In the In: drop-down box, select which fields you would like to search in. This allows you to refine your search more than you can in the Find box. When you are done click on Find Now.