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Welcome to Lesson 3 of the Intermediate Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Scheduling an Appointment. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Scheduling an Appointment

Step 1: Create New Appointment

Click File on the menubar, then New, and then Appointment. This will open the New Appointment Dialog.

Step 2: Enter Subject and Location

Enter in the subject and Location into the corresponding

Step 3: Time

Enter in a start and end time for the event. If it is an all day event such as a holiday, vacation, etc… click the All day event box.

Step 4: Reminder

If you want a reminder to be sent to you about the appointment check the reminder box and select a time duration to be reminded prior to the event. The reminder consists of a dialog box that appears telling you the event and location. You are then able to either cancel the reminder, or delay it to later.

Step 5: Show Time As

If you want to show the time as busy in your calendar select the Show Time as Busy drop-down box. This will show as a blue label in your calendar. If you have a shared calendar it will also show as busy on their calendars when trying to schedule meeting requests.