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Welcome to Lesson 4 of the Intermediate Microsoft Outlook Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Recurring Appointments. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Recurring Appointments

Step 1: New Appointment

Create a new appointment using the steps provided in the previous lesson

Step 2: Recurrence

Click the Recurrence button on the toolbar. This will bring you to the Appointment Recurrence dialog box.

Step 3: Recurrence Pattern

Select how often you want the recurrence to happen. If you only want it to occur on certain days you can select the individual days that you want the appointment to occur on.

Step 4: Range of Recurrence

Select the date that you want the recurrence to start. You can then select for the recurrence to never end, to end after a certain number of times, or to end on a specific date.

Step 5: Remove Recurrence

To remove a recurrence select an appointment that recurs. Then select the recurrence button. On the Appointment Recurrence dialog box click the remove recurrence button.