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Welcome to Lesson 4 of the Advanced Microsoft Word Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Indenting. I hope you enjoy the lesson.


Step 1: Use the Indent Buttons

For quick indents, use the Indent buttons on the Formatting toolbar. To increase the indent, click in front of the paragraph or sentence you want to indent, and then click the Increase Indent button. To decrease the indent, click Decrease Indent.

Step 2: Use the Paragraph Dialog Box

For specific kinds of indents or to set an exact indent, open the Paragraph dialog box. Click in front of the paragraph or text you want to indent, and then display the Format menu and select Paragraph.

Step 3: Set an Indent Measurement

From the Indents and Spacing tab, use the Left or Right indent boxes to set a specific measurement for the indent. You can type directly into the boxes, or use the spin arrows to increase the settings.

Step 4: Set a Special Indent

To set a first line indent or a hanging indent, click the Special drop-down list and make a selection.

Step 5: Exit the Dialog Box

After setting the indent, check the Preview area to see how it will look. Click OK to exit the dialog box.