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Welcome to Lesson 2 of the Basic Microsoft Word Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover spell checking. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Correcting Your Document

Step 1: A Red Wavy Line

When you type any word that Word can't find in its dictionary. The word gets a red wavy line under it to tell you it may be misspelled (in this figure, for example, Word points out "tyype" as a possible misspelling).

Step 2: Display the Shortcut Menu

Right-click the word to open a shortcut menu displaying possible alternative spellings. To choose an alternative, click it. If your spelling is correct (for example, someone's last name), click Add; the word is added to Word's dictionary and won't be picked up by the Spelling Checker again.

Step 3: Ignore the Spelling

To leave the word spelled as is in the current document, click Ignore All from the short-cut menu. To add the correct spelling to your AutoCorrect list, click AutoCorrect..

Step 4:A Green Wavy Line

If the wavy underline is green, Word detects a possible grammatical error. Follow steps 2 and 3 to fix the error.