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Welcome to Lesson 4 of the Intermediate Microsoft Word Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover aligning text. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Aligning Text

Step 1: Select the Text

Select the text or paragraphs you want to align.

Step 2: Use the Alignment Buttons

The alignment buttons on the Formatting toolbar will quickly align the text for you. Click Align Left to left-align text, click Center to center text, or click Align Right to right-align text. Click Justify to justify text between the left and right margins.

Step 3: Word Aligns Your Text

Depending on what alignment button you chose, Word aligns your text accordingly. The figure here shows several alignment examples in effect.

Step 4: Use the Paragraph Dialog Box

Another way to apply alignment is with the Paragraph dialog box. Open the Format menu and choose Paragraph.

Step 5: Choose an ALignment

In the Indents and Spacing tab, click the Alignment drop-down list and choose an alignment. Notice the Preview area gives you a glimpse at what the alignment will do to your text.

Step 6: Exit the Dialog Box

Click OK to exit the dialog box and apply the settings to your document.