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Welcome to Lesson 6 of the Intermediate Microsoft Word Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Symbols. I hope you enjoy the lesson.


Step 1: Open the Symbol Dialog Box

Click the insertion point where you want the symbol inserted, and then open the Insert menu and select Symbol.

Step 2: Choose a Symbol

From the Symbols tab, click a symbol to magnify it. Each symbol you click is magnified so you can see clearly what it looks like (for example, click the r symbol).

Step 3: Insert the Symbol

After selecting the symbol you want to use, click the Insert button and the symbol is placed in your text.

Step 4: Choose a Special Character

If you want a special character inserted, click the Special Characters tab to view what's available.

Step 5: Insert the Special Character

Select the special character you want to insert, and then click the Insert button. The character is added to your text.