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Welcome to Lesson 7 of the Intermediate Microsoft Word Tutorial. In this lesson we will cover Views and Navigation. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Change Document Views

Step 1: Normal View

Select the View menu and choose Normal. This is the default view for Word and is best for typing or editing.

Step 2: Web Layout

Select the View menu and choose Web Layout. Web Layout view shows your document as it will appear on the World Wide Web.

Step 3: Print Layout

Select the View menu and select Print Layout. The Print Layout view allows you to see how the page will look when it’s printed.

Step 4: Outline View

Select the View menu and choose Outline. The Outline view is used to create a document outline.

Navigate in Word

Step 1: Use the Scrollbars

Depending on your document's size, use the vertical or horizontal scrollbars to view different portions of the document. Click the scrollbar's arrow buttons to scroll in the appropriate direction.

Step 2: Drag the Scroll box

You can also drag the scroll box to move your view. Drag the vertical scroll box up or down or drag the horizontal scroll box to the left or right to move your view of the document page.

Step 3: Use the Page Buttons

If your document is longer than a page, click the Next Page button to immediately scroll to the next page. Click the Previous Page button to scroll back a page.

Step 4: Use the Mouse

Click the mouse anywhere in your document to move the insertion point to that spot.